Monday, December 10, 2007

beadFX - Our Beads

Our first photo montage. Check this out on Youtube. We've got some photos of some of our inspiration ideas, as well as some of our beads. Look for more instructional videos coming soon!


happyduck1979 said...

As someone who really likes the store, I have to say that this video would turn me off rather than entice me to find out more. Although some of the pictures are really nice, others are out of focus! The colours and music that have been added have no relation to the pictures or even to the colours with which you have associated yourself on your website. They really demean the quality of the items you have. I think the whole thing comes of as rather teeny-boppy and has the look of a store that I would not take seriously.

Jennifer Tough said...

Happyduck, you could be right :-) Thanks for your comments. We were just playing around with that one.