Saturday, August 28, 2010

Pumpkins and Classes

No, they have nothing to do with each other whatsoever - But I made these, and I'm a little giddy about them. I love how they feel, and I love how they're not quite pumpkins - just sorta :-)

I've also been finalizing my first classes at DIY Soap - I don't think the classes have been posted yet, but feel free to call the store to sign up. Both classes are on Sunday, September 26th
Cold-Process Soap   $125
Learn the basics of making handmade soap from scratch - also known as cold-process soap. Learn all about the tools, ingredients, and process to safely make soap at home. Join your instructor around the soap pot as she demonstrates how to make a batch of soap. A booklet with full instructions on how to make soap is provided for you to take home. Also chock full of additional recipes and tips on colouring, additives, and fragrances.

What to bring - Please bring with you rubber gloves, safety goggles
Soap Crafting 101

Soap crafting, also known as melt and pour is a fun, easy way to make your own soap. This is the type of soap that allows your creativity to soar! Have you ever seen fabulous soaps shaped like plates of sushi? Or even a little mini aquarium? These and more are all possible with melt and pour soap!

During this class we'll focus on the techniques of soap crafting - layering, embedding, colouring, fragrance and more.  I will be demonstrating how to make 4 different types of soap, then you will have the chance to try your hand at making your own. Students will be able to take home 5 different bars of soap.

An instruction booklet is provided for you to take home that summarizes the class, and provides additional recipes, and techniques.

Friday, August 27, 2010



Love this pic of the kidlets cooling off.  School starts back soon, and of course I'm having mixed feelings about it all. It's been fun hanging out with the girls all summer, and I'll miss these times - but I also can't wait to have more time to get things done. :-)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

A little update

Yes, it's certainly been a while again - the summer has been particularly busy with the kids. My husband is working on a new full time contract, so I'm now home full time with the kidlets - trying to keep them busy, and entertained. Love them dearly, but I cannot wait for school to start this fall.
I am very excited about one little thing though - And considering it's about the only productive thing I've managed all summer - even more exciting. For over 10 years, while owning a bead store - I had always wanted to write either tutorials, or beading projects for magazines. Well I did it. Last night, with one hour to go to deadline - I finished it! This week only, you can get  the tutorial free with purchase at beadfx. As of next week, the tutorial will be available for purchase for $15.00.
I started with this one, as I make these little tile pendants to sell only in the store at beadfx - many, many people have requested a class in how to make them - However, I didn't think a class was all that appropriate - they're easy, but fiddly, and there is a whole lot of 5 minutes of activity - followed by 30 minutes of waiting.  I think the difference with my version of the pendants, compared to others - is that they are completely waterproof! Not just water resistant - but waterproof  - as long as you follow the instructions carefully. :-)
If any of you do get a chance to check out the free tutorial this week, I'd love to hear any feedback you may have. Positive, or negative!  
The whole process of creating the tutorial was quite a bit of fun, and I've learned quite a bit along the way - for example, take the pics first!  I'm already planning my next tutorial :-)