Thursday, July 8, 2010

New Post on the beadFX Blog

You might be interested in checking it out - plus, I think I can only manage one blog post per day ;-) - off to work on orders!



Monday, July 5, 2010

Kids Home ...

And so the summer begins. This is the first full week of both of my kids home for the summer. Dan and I had a war meeting last night to discuss just how we were going to manage to both attempt to work from home, while keeping a 5 and 7 year old busy and out of trouble. Unfortunately, we haven't yet come up with anything that is really all that workable. We've discussed taking turns on kid duty, or letting them fend for themselves in the backyard for a couple hours while we both work - and then doing family time in the afternoon.
As I type this, I've been interrupted 5 times, with discussions about the silliness of not allowing anyone else in your club house, where fairies live, sharks teeth - which type of shark would be the most dangerous, why haven't you taught me how to cook yet? - and why can't I have oreo's for breakfast? 
If I manage even one more post this summer, I'll be completely amazed :-)

Friday, July 2, 2010

A New Design

off and running - This started as one of my ideas for an upcoming class - and I've run with it, big time. I have three different ones made,with a bunch more half built.  These are created using fine silver wire, metal clay, and lampwork beads. I love the idea of something being completely handmade - forget the chain though...I do NOT have the patience for that :-)
I'll be posting this soon on etsy once I've got it finished up

Thursday, July 1, 2010

too long yet again!

I apologize for being so quiet as of late - I've got a few projects that I'm trying to get finished up, and it's taking most of my free time.
In other news - my girls are now finished school for the year! We celebrated with a trip to the zoo yesterday, and both had the opportunity to pet a sting ray, and take their first pony ride :-)


I'm also anxious to get back on the torch - I managed to pick up a cool sample pack of all Odd lot colours from vetrofond - and some look very interesting indeed.  I've noticed quite a few of the colours have a different coloured core - which usually indicates that some sort of cool reaction will take place - good or bad ;-)

And one more little exciting little packaged arrived - A few patinad pieces of chain and findings from Miss Fickle Media
I can't wait to make something with these - I just love the verdigris patina on copper!


I'm off - Need to find out just where they're doing Fireworks in Whitby tonight, and attempt to clean the disaster area my house has become! ;-)