Saturday, October 2, 2010

And here comes fall

This year has been a complete blur. Really, I don't think I've ever experienced anything quite like this. I've finally got the kids back into school, and daycare. And now that it's fall, I'm completely endrenched in paperwork. I'm hoping to be completely done sometime within the next few weeks - whew...
I have taken a bit of time to do some fun stuff - Like the glass tile pendant tutorial which you can buy at beadfx, a few torch sessions here and there, and my latest tangent - Copper Pipe Pendants!



I've listed a few of these up on etsy, and I'm considering writing a tutorial for them once I have a bit more time. These we're done as one of my blog posts for beadFX The Thursday topics on the blog are keeping me on my toes creatively.
I'm not sure if I'll be able to reopen the soap shop this fall - I just have too many other things that need my attention, and I've already learned my lesson a few times over by stretching myself to thin. I'm not ready to say never though, so we'll see what happens.

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