Monday, April 2, 2012

I'm still here!

Yikes - it's been far too long again. I've been crazy busy over the past month, as we've started some home cleanup projects, visiting family members, kids crazy schedules, and so on. I don't really have too much to post about other than that I am in fact still here, and really itching to get back into the studio.

In the last month I've barely spent any time down there other than to create some Inspirations for beadFX.

I did manage to get these made up, and I really like the design, but I think they may be a bit too heavy to wear comfortably.

And another positive note - I have a camera again! I think I may just spent the next two weeks worth of evenings sequestered in the studio, and see what I can come up with. I need a serious dose of creative inspiration. Etsy updates coming when I actually have something new to show ;-)

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