Thursday, September 6, 2012

Summer has flown by...

"The little things?  The little moments?  They aren't little."
-  John Zabat-Zinn 

I'm sure many of you thought I disappeared off the face of the earth - well, I guess I kinda did for a while - at least the online world. I've spent the summer enjoying those little moments of bliss with the girls. They're getting older and starting to grow into independent, funny, smart, and thoroughly enchanting little people. I knew this time was the most precious, and I've cherished every single moment - including the times I wanted to pull my hair out in frustration, or absolute terror. (another story for another time)

They're back at school and I'm both relieved and saddened. I'll miss the days of sleeping in, watching movies, long walks, reading countless fairy books, and of course spending the hot afternoons by the pool.

I am looking forward to getting back into the studio - It's been so long, I'm almost afraid I won't know what to do when I get down there. However, it's all neat and tidy - and I plan to fire things up tonight and tomorrow. No particular goal in mind - just to create 'something'

“Don’t think. Thinking is the enemy of creativity. It’s self-conscious, and anything self-conscious is lousy. You can’t try to do things. You simply must do things” – Ray Bradbury

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