Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

My New Years resolutions are simply to have none this year. Every year, I make all of these crazy resolutions (lose weight, renovate my studio, make a gazzilion beads per day, etc), only to completely set myself up for failure. My friend Lyndsey mentioned on facebook that rather than set yourself up for complete failure with a resolution, she sets goals. Goals are easily broken down into small attainable steps.

So, with that in mind my first goals of the year are to lose 5 lbs, and work towards managing my time better. I would love to spend more time making beads and jewelry - unfortunately, with my other commitments I find I have nowhere near enough time. I do however spend far too much time on the computer, and a good chunk of it is not hugely productive ;-) This I can most certainly manage!

One of the more productive tasks I've taken care of over the last week, is to separate my jewelry listings from my bead listings on etsy. I've set up a separate shop for my jewelry here. I'm hoping this will make my bead and component etsy site far less cluttered and more cohesive.  There's not that much there yet - but that's another goal for the new year ;-)

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