Thursday, January 31, 2013

plunging ahead

Egads - now I'm in deep. These arrived this morning......

These are the frames for the fairy houses. Stupidly, in my excitement and obsession with building a fairy abode - I mentioned it to the girls. This is course brought on mass excitement, and blueprint plans designed my my 9 year old. I may be talented with many things - but a woodworker I am NOT. I can't even cut a straight line. Here we have inexpensive dollhouses to the rescue. Seriously, these were only $35 each! They even shipped from Toronto, so shipping was only $12, and they arrived the very next day.

We're now just waiting for a nice enough day to wander through the woods and the beach to collect tiny stones, twigs, pods, and whatever else we can find. What fun :-)

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Linda Campbell said...

Dearest Jen: Just caught up with your blog from the last few weeks. Congrats on the weight loss and sticking to it. Also KUDOS for talking about depression. It is a difficult and frustrating illness. You are a beautiful and talented women and my thoughts are with you. On a much more chipper note, love your work and can't wait to see the fairy houses. Love, Linda