Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Classes, recovery, and missing things

Along with the missing box from Michelle, I also can't find a bunch of various studio supplies. Alcohol inks - gone, credit card - gone (cancelled and replaced), vintaj patinas - gone, assorted craft books - gone. I'm sure a bunch of other items that I have completely forgotten ever existed are also gone. Not worrying too much about those at the moment though ;-)

So where on earth have they gone? My house is not all that big - pretty small actually. I've cleared the basement, the garage, and all of the bedrooms. I can only hope that one day while looking for something else, the wayward box will reappear - and I will finally create something with Michelle's gorgeous components.

I can either spend the next year completely tearing apart the house while getting angrier, and angrier with myself - or just move on. I'm moving on.

So in good news finally, I signed up for 6 fantabulous classes with Christy Tomlinson, and Jane Davenport.

I am so incredibly stoked. As some of you may know - I've been battling a pretty severe depression over the last few years. It's been a struggle with changing meds numerous times, meds that cause uncontrollable shaking, insomnia, etc, etc. Two steps forward, one step back. Slowly but surely i'm healing. A big step forward was not only getting my G1 (again), but actually finally completing the in class lessons! I'll be starting my in car lessons sometime this week.  The next step in healing is to start actually creating things with regularity. I've made it my personal mission to make something (anything) every day for the next year. A drawing, a pair of earrings, torch something - anything as long as I'm doing something creative. With that, I hope that my creative inspiration will return - forcing it along if I have to. Sitting around waiting for it to return isn't working out so well. ;-)

I've started two of the courses. The Draw Happy mini course, and the Behind the Art class. Both are perfect to start out with. The idea is to 1 - just start drawing, in this case faces. Lots and lots of faces. And 2 - to play around with your art supplies. How they work with each other, how they feel on different backgrounds. watercolour, paper collage, acrylic paint, markers, molding compounds. Anything and everything.  Here are my very first class assignments - nothing too close up, as they are not fabulous. I'm having so much fun though - i don't care. lol. I must have a secret love affair with pink. weird.


Aisha from Expatlog said...

Those classes look really exciting. I'm on the same quest as you - the excavation of my creativity from its unceremonious burial years ago. The hardest thing is putting your fears behind you - I'm not very good, it looks/sound terrible, I won't get the same enjoyment, I'm wasting my time... - aarrggghhh shutup already!

I'm trying to get over my terror and draw again. You might want to read Julia Cameron's The Artists Way. It's a guide to unblocking your creativity and I'm trying to work my way through it with varying degrees of success (three kids play havoc with ANY timetable).

Best of luck and keep at it.

jen said...

It's interesting - Jane discusses that in her first class. As children, we have absolutely no inhibitions, but as we get older, the self doubt creeps in - and we convince ourselves, or others have convinced us that since we're not very good - to just stop and do something else. So exactly - shut up already and just make something ;-)

I have that book somewhere around here. I'll have to dig it up.