Thursday, June 6, 2013

The adventure continues....

I'm now a few weeks in to my online courses - the first two weeks worth of lessons were focused on learning about your supplies - easy for me, as I really don't have too much in the way of traditional art supplies. Any that I did have were for the most part decimated by my artistic daughters. (which i really don't mind at all). I'm making do for now, along with a few basic purchases. Mixed media is very forgiving - you can use anything - which is kinda the point ;-)  I've been hunting through my clay, paper and fabric supplies - all of which are now finding new life.

Both of the following pictures are a part of the two different class projects. Neither are finished, as elements still need to be added. The first is part of the Jane class - and this image is the very first entry in my new art journal that I'll be keeping for the class.  (scuse the fuzziness - too much coffee this morning. I couldn't keep my hands still) lol

This one is on a 10x10 canvas board, and will eventually have more elements added. The next two weeks are all about backgrounds.

In other exciting (and frightening news) - my oldest will be 10 on Sunday .....I'm still kinda in shock. I guess she's now officially a tween. Happy Birthday Maya!

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