Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fast Fire Bronze Clay

I have a love/hate relationship with bronze and copper clays. I love the colours, the affordability, and especially the freedom to create larger pieces without restraint. (compared to silver metal clay) I do however have a hatred of the firing process. I have not been one of the lucky ones when it comes to firing this stuff. Sometimes it works, othertimes I get brittle pieces that crumble to dust. That outcome is always the most annoying, as a second firing is not an option at that point.

Lately, I've had success with Fast Fire Bronze. In fact, I've yet to have an unsuccessful firing! Still, I'm always a little on edge as my pieces are firing. The picture below shows 300 grams of unfired Fast Fire Bronze. Hedgehogs, acorns, clasp components, connector rings, and flowers which will hold resin in the centre. Fingers are crossed, the goodies are about to go in the kiln - although this will take at least a few firing sessions. I have the large pan, but I have not yet ever had successful firing in that one. It's cursed. ;-) So, the small pan it is.

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