Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Community Gardening

Long ago, when I was quite little, my mother would rent a plot of land in a hydro field somewhere in Scarborough to grow her vegetables. At the time, we lived in a town house with about 2 square feet of garden space. Just enough for maybe 2 tomato plants. The patio space wasn't much bigger, and basically fit our picnic table and hibachi barbeque. Container gardening on any decent scale wasn't really an option either. Now that I'm older and have my own house, with considerably more potential garden space, I'm still looking at the community garden model as an alternative. While my backyard isn't huge - it's not completely tiny either. We do have a pool though, and that pretty much takes up the entire backyard.

I've been talking with a few other mothers at my children's school - we're hoping to get enough like-minded folks together to organize a community garden somewhere within walking distance of the Whitby Shores community. What a wonderful opportunity for the local kids to learn about gardening/healthy eating/sustainable living/volunteer work.  This weekend, I'll be visiting the Ajax/Whitby community garden in the north end of Whitby. I'm hoping to put aside some time in the new year to volunteer over there at least once a week. I suspect that even if we are able to find the space and raise the funds necessary to start one here - it will be quite some time before we can get our hands dirty.

In other news, it'll be a while before I get a chance to post anything remotely beady - Maya, my oldest has come down with what I suspect is Pneumonia. :-( Tomorrow will be her second doctors appointment this week.

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