Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Holiday Decorating

Being a Canadian with our Thanksgiving already long past - I have no guilt about heading full steam ahead into the Christmas season. I'm determined to decorate this year for a couple reasons. 1) My kids are still quite angry at me that they had the least decorated house for Halloween. The night before, my 8 year old dug out some decorations from the basement and proceeded out the front door to 'do it herself'. Man, the guilt. ;-)

Okay, that's the only reason - but it's certainly a big enough one for at least a couple points.   This week is perfect, as I really have no excuse not to work on at least a few ornaments. I can't get too much done in the way of actual work. You may remember from my last post that I was home all week with a sick kid. Well, kid number 2 has now come down with the exact same thing. My guess is that she'll be home all this week.

 I'll choose some easy projects that can be done in the family room while the little one cuddles on the couch.

I came across a listing of over 100 handmade ornament tutorials - More than a few are absolutely fabulous. I've already wasted about 2 hours today just looking through all of the links.

Have a good week, and hopefully I'll be back with some actual beady stuff next week.

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